Why getting healthy starts at home

Like many residents, I hold my hands up and admit that I’ve not always led the healthiest lifestyle.

Until six years ago I was a smoker, which had its obvious health implications, and in days gone by eating on the run and taking too many indigestion tablets caused me kidney stones.

The real light bulb moment was 40 years ago when I was advised to give up drinking because my liver was deteriorating.

I know I’m not alone – there are changes that we could all make to improve our health and ultimately extend our lives.


Big savings being made on energy

The month of March may be on the horizon, but the recent frosty mornings have shown that winter isn’t ready to leave us just yet.

The cold temperatures must be partly responsible for the Peterborough Energy scheme reaching another key milestone.

Over 2,000 people have now switched to the energy tariff we offer in partnership with OVO Energy.

These residents are seeing an average saving of £242 a year on their gas and electricity bills and have been switching in their numbers, particularly since the turn of the year. I know one Glinton resident who is set to save £800 a year.

If you are considering a switch to save a few pounds, staff are on hand at the Energy Savings Shop in Bridge Street to help.


Cast a vote to get your voice heard

It’s now less than three months until the local elections. It’s a particularly crucial year, because this will be an all-out election – the first for more than a decade, where every seat is up for grabs.

That’s because some ward boundaries changed last year, and now people may be voting within a different location. Voters will elect 60 councillors across the city.

All UK councils are under pressure as budgets are increasingly slashed. So the decisions we make are not always easy ones. The best way to get your voice heard is to cast your vote on May 5.

But you need to make sure you’re on the electoral register. Don’t assume that because you pay council tax you’ll be able to vote, you can register to vote online.

If you care about what happens in your part of the city or village, find out who your potential councillors are and what they stand for. The elected councillor for your ward will be your voice at council meetings, so it’s important to choose someone who represents your views.


We are proposing no cuts to services

This week saw the launch of phase two of the council’s budget for the next financial year. Even though the government has reduced its grant to us, and demands on the council are increasing, we are proposing no cuts to services in 2016/17.

In fact we’re planning to invest in a number of key areas including public transport, street cleaning, and our parks.

So we are proposing to continue to deliver everything we do today, and some new initiatives as well. These include a 12 week, intensive spring-clean this and every year. That means extra investment to tackle graffiti, fly tipping and other unsightly scenes across the city and in rural areas.