Anti-social neighbours take note

Nobody likes noisy neighbours and as a council we take any complaints of anti-social behaviour extremely seriously.

We will always look to take action where appropriate and last week our housing enforcement team successfully secured a court closure order which will see two homes in Lincoln Road closed for the next three months.

In this case, the nearby neighbours had had to put up with terrible behaviour by the tenants in the homes for quite some time.

Our officers were able to gather evidence to show the tenants were up to no good, with their illegal activities including drug use and prostitution.


Exciting plans ahead for future

Our annual council meeting took place on Monday night which always feels like the start of a new year for everyone.

We welcomed Councillor Chris Ash as our new Mayor for the year ahead, our party’s Cabinet lineup was announced and I was confirmed as continuing as Leader, which as I always say is an honour and a privilege.

You may be interested to know that there has been a Holdich representative on councils across the region stretching right back to 1868, so as you can see I’m continuing a long and proud family tradition.


Now to tackle root cause of problem

On Monday evening it’s our annual full council meeting at the town hall and as usual this will be a significant event.

Not only will we be confirming new appointments, including a new Cabinet member and Mayor, but I’m going to be outlining some exciting new policies which we’ve been busy putting together.

Whilst we were out canvassing ahead of the elections one of the major issues that kept cropping up on the doorsteps was fly-tipping and more specifically what the council is doing to tackle it.

Fly-tipping is a nationwide problem, it happens for a multitude of reasons and it is difficult to tackle as many authorities, not just ourselves, are finding out.


Back to business after the elections

Following last week’s elections I was delighted that the Conservative Party has taken back control of the council.

We have worked extremely hard to earn a majority and now that the dust has settled we will continue to do so.

We are currently mapping out some new policies which are based around the issues that matter most to the people of Peterborough.

I would also like to pay tribute to two of our longest serving councillors who lost their seats in the elections.