Celebrating the Year of Reading

Reading is one of the most important skills that you can teach a child and will define how well they achieve educationally and throughout their whole lives.

Barbara and I would read to our children every day when they were young until they were old enough to read for themselves. Even then we would encourage them by buying books and taking them to the library, which I do now with my grandchildren.

The other morning on my way into work I listened to a report on the radio about the level of disadvantage experienced by a child at school if they have not been read to from a young age. Many of them will struggle more than children who have experience of reading and may never make up this delay in their learning.

In Peterborough reading levels are lower than the national average. I want that to change, and quickly, so that every child in the city has the same opportunities to share a love of reading. That is why we launched Vision for Reading last year with our partners at the National Literacy Trust, Vivacity and City College Peterborough.

The campaign asks everyone in the city – teachers, parents, businesses and others – to play their part in helping children to develop a lifelong love of reading which in turn will improve their life chances.

Boys reading books

As part of it we’re supporting parents to prepare their children for school by, for example, reading to them at home, we’re training reading buddies in schools who can read with children and we’re celebrating the Year of Reading which launches on 22 June.

Everyone is invited to attend the launch in Cathedral Square between 10am and 4pm where there will be storytelling, free books to take home, activities and more.

The event kicks off a year-long programme of events that will include The Space Chase summer reading challenge, Roald Dahl Day in September, writing competitions and story trails. You can find out more by visiting www.peterboroughcelebrates.org.uk.

The year will culminate with a striking trail of book-shaped benches across Peterborough created by schools, community groups and businesses in association with creative producers Wild in Art.

Whether you’re a parent, business owner, or teacher, please support our campaign to get every child in the city enjoying books from a young age. For our children it will lead to improved life chances and for our businesses it will mean a better qualified workforce of the future.

Raising reading levels will always be harder for us in Peterborough than for many other areas because of the number of different languages spoken in our schools and a higher than usual number of children starting and leaving school mid-year.

But it is a challenge that we must meet and together I believe that we can.

Raising awareness for carers

We’re in the middle of Carers Week at the moment, which has been incredibly successful in raising awareness of the thousands nationwide who care for a friend or family member.

Here in Peterborough, the council works closely with the Carers Trust to provide support to carers and their families by providing regular workshops, support networks, short breaks and emergency care.

If you are a carer, I really would recommend you visit their website and register with the Emergency Support for Carers service by phoning 01733 747474 which can help carers of adults if an emergency occurs.

Peterborough’s new MP

We now have a new MP for Peterborough and I will be making contact with her soon to arrange a meeting.

I want us to be able to work together for the benefit of Peterborough and to ensure our residents get the best deal possible from parliament.

I also look forward to briefing her on some of the issues that we face, to set the record straight on some of the comments that she made in the run up to the election which were not quite accurate.

Free table tennis!

Finally, the weather may not be up to much this week, but my sources tell me it’s set to improve this weekend. If you get the chance, try out one of the new table tennis tables we’ve installed at parks across the city thanks to a partnership with Viridor, Table Tennis England and Living Sport.

Mayor with table tennis paddle

There are eight in total at Central Park, Itter Park, Nene Valley Community Centre, Connect Park and Braybrook. They’re free to use, with bats and balls available to borrow.

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