Peterborough prepares for Christmas

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is now less than two weeks away, but then again 2018 has flown by at some pace.

If like me you leave your Christmas shopping until the last minute, then I’m sure the next few days will be busy as you prepare for the big day.

Please do be aware, however, that over the Christmas and New Year period, our council offices will be closing their doors.

Our main offices, including Sand Martin House, Bayard Place and the Town Hall will be closed from noon on Monday 24 December until Wednesday 2 January 2019, with no face-to-face services available.

Peterborough Offices

However, the council’s call centre will open from Thursday 27 December to Monday 31 December between the hours of 9am and 5pm and there will also be support in place for key services.

Our office buildings and call centre will open as usual on January 2.

The other key change to remember is that black and green bin collection days alter between Christmas and New Year. Full details about office closures and bin collection changes available here. (more…)

Ensuring we can all enjoy our city

I am proud of the way our city centre looks with many areas surrounding Cathedral Square having recently undergone upgrades and renovation.

With this inviting city centre it is important that we make it a place that everyone is able to enjoy, setting a good impression to residents and visitors alike, and this means ensuring any anti-social behaviour is at an absolute minimum.

This week we announced that an order to give our enforcement officers additional powers to deal with anti-social behaviour is likely to be implemented next month.

It will be an area for the SaferPeterborough Prevention and Enforcement Service team to take forward and the order will give officers the ability to issue a fixed penalty notice to perpetrators of unacceptable behaviour such as littering, begging and unauthorised cycling on Bridge Street.

Other offences under this Public Spaces Protection Order will include spitting, dangerous cycling and drinking in public and fines will be set at £80 with an early repayment option of £60.


Regeneration will help to bring a new look for the city

Peterborough is the UK’s fourth fastest growing city in the UK and we need to modernise our services, facilities and infrastructure to accommodate this, not least our pathways, roads and highways.

I am proud of the great work that has been going on in our city centre in recent years and months to regenerate areas including Cathedral Square, Cowgate, Bourges Boulevard and, most recently, Lower Bridge Street.

Plans to enhance the look of this busy area around Town Bridge and the magistrates’ court are really starting to take shape as Peterborough Highway Services’ construction team work on the comprehensive city centre refurbishment programme.

Spending time sat in traffic congestion is no-one’s idea of fun and alleviating this is one factor behind the next phase of works which is at Bishop’s Road, extending from the entrance of the Wirrina car park up to the Rivergate roundabout.

We know this area attracts traffic congestion during peak hours so the work will help to improve this and make it a better and safer area to use for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.


Council plea for safer parking outside schools

From time to time you get a news story that gets people hot under the collar. It seems last week’s plea from the council for more considerate parking during the school run was one of those stories.

Articles on the PT online and posted on our own social media pages led to streams of comments from people lamenting the chaos which ensues outside many of our schools at either the start or end of each school day.

Some blamed the parents for inconsiderate and dangerous parking, others said it was ruining the area they live in and a good few reminisced on having to walk miles to school when they were a child.

The fact is that we all lead busy lives and often the temptation to take an easier option to save a few minutes here and there is hard to resist.